Lincoln Walther, FAICP | Manager and Founder

Lincoln Walther has been a practicing planner for over 46 years. Prior to opening his planning practice in the fall of 2014, he served as the Planning Director for CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. for over 24 years. It was during his time at CSA that he shifted focus in services from general comprehensive planning, permitting and expert zoning testimony to hazard mitigation, hazard risk assessment, long-term recovery, wildfire mitigation and emergency management. His new firm, Lincoln Walther Consulting LLC, will continue to be involved in community resilience through hazard mitigation and pre-disaster recovery planning. Typical natural hazards include, flood, wind, sea level rise, wildfire, tornadoes, drought and climate change . He will continue to advocate the need for resiliency planning and functional integration within local government as well as within the business and non-profit communities. In all planning efforts, the need for comprehensive stakeholder involvement will be actively promoted. In addition, his firm will work with clients in preparing funding applications that lead toward the implementation of actions that result in making communities more resilient. He also believes it is important to effectively listen to understand the community and thus to be able to tailor work effort to meet the community’s needs. To achieve this, he is a believer in collaboration, drawing on the strengths of other partners. Multidisciplinary teams are able to tackle the most complex of problems.

Mr. Walther has worked at State, regional, and local levels of government in addition to private practice. In 2008 he inducted into the College of Fellows of the American Planning Association (FAICP) for his contributions in advocating and furthering hazard mitigation planning. Mr. Walther serves on the Board of Directors of the nationally recognized Natural Hazard Mitigation Association. He also serves as the Florida Chapter, American Planning Association (FAPA) representative on the Florida State Hazard Mitigation Plan Advisory Team (SHMPAT). SHMPAT is responsible for maintain, implementing and updating Florida’s State Hazard Mitigation Plan. Mr. Walther has spoken on community resilience at many conferences sponsored by FAPA and the American Planning Association. He has also been a presenter at the Firewise Conference–Backyards and Beyond and the Annual Hazards Research and Applications Conference addressing wildfire mitigation as well as a speaker at a number of Florida Division of Forestry wildfire mitigation workshops. Most recently, he was an invited speaker at the Northeast Risk and Resilience Leadership Forum in Stamford, Connecticut discussing long-term recovery and plan integration.
He is a graduate of the University of South Florida where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Education. In 1970 he received his Masters in Urban Regional Planning from Florida State University.