Making communities more resilient to hazards is not only achieved through capital investments such as drainage facility improvements or hardening physical structures.  Avoiding building in high risk areas can achieve resilience without having to make expensive capital improvements or taking steps to build smarter and safer in risk areas.  From a planning perspective, “A risk-based framework for land-use planning offers public agencies a rational means for managing inevitable change.”  Laurie Johnson.  The core services Lincoln Walther Consulting LLC offers is based the idea that resilience can be achieved through smart planning and involvement of key stakeholders.

Core Planning Services

Hazard Mitigation

  • Local Hazard Mitigation Plans and Updates
  • Integration of Hazards into Local Plans and Codes
  • Mitigation Strategy and Funding Consultation
  • Climate Adaptation

Disaster Recovery

  • Local Long-Term Recovery and Redevelopment Plans
  • Handbook Development
  • Implementation of Long-Term Recovery Programs

Wildfire Mitigation

  • Wildfire Mitigation Plans
  • Plan Facilitation
  • Consult as Subject Matter Expert
  • Wildfire Handbooks